• P.O Box:559, P.C:217, Muscat, Oman


Established In The Year 2015, Fence Raysut Factory Is A Manufacturer, Supply And Install Of Chain Link Fencing Systems, High Security Welded Mesh Fencing, Gabion Boxes, Porta Cabin, Expanded Mesh & Metal Products, and Guardrail Plant.

The Company combines years of manufacturing experience with selected raw materials, skilled technicians, keen quality assurance, modern machinery, trim operations and efficient management of resources to produce products of good quality at the right prices.

We have our manufacturing facilities at the Raysut Industrial Estate, Salalah, in the Sultanate of Oman. The location offers excellent levels of communication facilities by road, sea and air for physical movement of materials, and reliable communication facilities for ensuring speed of servicing customers’ needs.

We constantly review our policies of operation to be able to offer the best products at the right prices. After all, the customers’ interests are the very purpose of the company’s business.

Comprehensive advisory services are provided at the time of design, specification and erection stages at no extra obligation.

Mohammed Ghawas

CEO and founder of Fence Raysut.

Fencing dates back to 1800s, and over the years some developments were made. Since the early 2000's the security threat has increased many fold, keeping in mind, the security has to be upgraded to deter intrusions, in the Middle East particularly in the Oman with its vast natural resources and borders. Fencing is an economical way to secure land and properties and the systems vary according to one's requirement. We at Fence Raysut Factory have people with more than three decades of experience in the field of security fencing and access control systems, are willing to share our expertise and experience to advise the End users , Contractors and the Security deportments how to increase and upgrade the security at their sites .

We at Fence Raysut Factory, to our clients are Total Solution Providers. We can design, manufacture, supply and install any size of projects around the Middle East. Our sole aim is to provide our clients the best possible security at the right price and deliver on time. In addition to secure the high risk areas we also advise our clients suitable systems for safety in factories and industries, including suitable fencing for warehouse partitions including Sports Facilities.

For all your fencing requirements please contact us as we are more than willing to shore our expertise to provide and safety security to you and your property.


Our mission is to combine aggressive strategic marketing with quality products and services at competitive prices, to provide the best value for consumers.


To build long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships and continuously evolve our suite of services as desired by our clients.


Our commitment to excellence is reflected by world- class manufacturing infrastructure. We have built a reputation for maintaining the highest standards of quality across our entire product spectrum. Each of our leading-edge fencing security systems is the combined result of innovative design, stringent processes and superior components. Our Fencing security products undergo rigorous testing, and are certified for use by numerous government labs and regulatory agencies in the Sultanate of Oman.


The management strives to maintain health & safety standards throughout our plant and office premises. We aim at eliminating workplace hazards through continuous risk assessment, periodic review & renewal of the safety policy and effective implementation of preventive measures as per approved government standards.